28 September, 2006

Wedding of the Year

I'm such a busy bee at the moment with work that I don't have a moment to scratch myself let alone blog...

I feel the need to quickly list the highlights of the Wedding of the Year between Marito and Mad Girl. OBF (Other Best Friend) took the Wedding photos, I'll post one when I have one but in the meantime, here's the invitation.

Edited highlights...

* Marito (in his fabulous Ozwald Boateng suit) and I drinking champagne together before the ceremony to calm his nerves;

* The group of hilarious "A-list Gays" (NOT) including Big Brother's Josh Rafter looking pumped full of steroids and leaving the wedding early to go to Revenge;

* Mad Girl's fantastic fifties inspired, powder pink dress - and how much weight she'd lost! (laxatives, surely!?);

* The photo shoot on Brighton Beach with champagne;

* Wedding Speeches by Mad Girl's 2 sons - both made me cry;

* The Crispy Pork Belly I ate for my lunch;

* Ziggy slumped on a seat at the end of the evening asking random people to remind him what his name was.


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting to be invited to my first gay wedding here in Canada.

Looking forward to some pics from that wedding you went to.

ziggystardust73 said...

It was great Jason! But not gay - Mad Girl is, in fact, a girl. Ha ha. :-)

angel, jr. said...

The wedding invite looks unique!! The wedding sounded fun, but why did some people leave early?

DaBich said...

Sounds like Ziggy had much to drink ;)

J said...

sounds like an day/evening of an enchantment to me!

cuteCTguy said...

Great invite Ziggy. Hope you keep it on your mantlepiece.. Sounds like my kind of party.. champagne!

Beth said...

My kind of wedding. My favorite, of course, is your randomly asking what your name was; sign of a great time.

I LOVE Brighton! One of my favorite humans in the world lives there, and I plan to be there next spring.

~ good girl ~ said...

Smooches, Ziggylicious xo

likewise, likewise. I'm feeling like I need to make an appointment with myself just to brush my teeth. I leave Tuesday and I still have so much to do at home. *sigh*

I love a good wedding :-) Especially when it's a wedding I actually want to attend, not one of those "attending coz I have to" types. And I always tear a little especially at the vows.

Lovelovelove crispy pork belly!! When I was schooling in Melbourne, there was a little rotisserie in Toorak Village with the best pork belly sandwich with yummy apple sauce. Mmmmmmmmmm!!! Bloody hell. Now, I can't get it out of my head.

Heh. You drunk sounds like me drunk. If I get to London before you leave, we must go on a martini prowl and have ourselves a champagne brunch. I'll save my best a-list fashionista dress for you xo

Kisses and Misses,

Dale said...

Glad you survived it all Ziggy. One look at the lightning bolt on your face and they'd know what to call you.

ziggystardust73 said...

Angel, the people who left early were simply rude. (hopefully they aren't reading this... ha ha)

Dabich - ain't that the truth! Fairly typical it appears too.

J - it was a great day!

Cutectguy - I'm happy whenever there is champagne also :-)

Beth - you're going to be in Brighton in spring? And you like champagne? Perhaps we should meet for a drink (or three)? :-)

GG - I'm so glad you are going to save your best a-list fashionista dress for when we go out and forget our names together. I'll start gathering the feathers and glitter now. xx

Dale - I knew there was a reason I kept painting that damn bolt on. That scene from C.R.A.Z.Y is my life.

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