19 January, 2007

Baby Talk

It’s been lovely to get a few comments from people saying they miss my presence in the blogosphere; thank you peeps. It's nice to feel wanted.

I’m in a bit of a melancholy mood at the moment. I think it’s part January blues and also part my little sister being about to have her baby. I am, of course, completely ecstatic about my sister and B.I.L. having a child and my niece’s impending arrival; however, it has just made me think about myself and children.

As I age I sometimes think about what I want out of my life; especially with regards to children. My quandary, however, is the practicalities of the situation.

I have had several lesbian friends ask me (in all seriousness) to father children for them. On talking it through with them though, it just doesn’t seem acceptable to me. If I was to have a child, I would want to play an active role in that child’s life. I would want to live with the child, be responsible for that child, be a proper father to that child rather than a ‘male role model’ the child sees only occasionally. So how does this fit in to my lifestyle? How would this work when I don’t want to live with my lesbian friends and their partners? How would this work when my lesbian friends don’t want to live with me?

But when I see families on the tube as I did recently where it is obvious the parents have no real interest in their children and as a result a child’s eyes seem dull and generally disinterested in life; I feel angry and know that I could offer more to a child.

Anyway, for now I will content myself with my beautiful new niece who is about to be born… and enjoy the weekend!

04 January, 2007

What you do?

Well, first things first: Happy New Year. Here's hoping 2007 is amazing. Thank you for all your lovely Christmas and New Year greetings, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I've been busy with Christmas and New Year festivities, and basically had my head completely out of everything else... which to be honest, has been absolutely fantastic. I needed a break.

I'm now back to work, have a new consultant to train, am organising a trip to Australia (coming in March), and attempting to not drink anything alcoholic before the 20th January (which is the triplets' 7th birthday at which I will most definitely be drinking simply to get through the event).

Blogging may therefore take a bit of a back seat for the moment.

Oh, and I've been watching re-runs of This Life over my break and have already dumped Samuel Johnson. His replacement will be shared shortly...