22 November, 2006


I managed somehow to give myself concussion on Friday night (I wasn't *that* drunk, honest), but a few highlights of my last few days include:

The Birthday Party of a pair of Dandy Gay Twins;

Dinner at the Criterion with Angela Bishop who was absolutely charming in quite a right wing way;

and finally...

Bill Henson at the V&As' Twilight Exhibition.

16 November, 2006

Sick Note.

One of the consultants who works for me is a complete and utter nightmare. I think I've referred to him previously as TWG (The Welsh Gay). I don't actually have time to outline the extent of his nightmarish-ness, however, need to rant about one particular area of behaviour.

TWG is always (and I mean ALWAYS) afflicted with some type of illness or another. If not the flu, a diabetes-related condition (the diabetes itself is questionable), a kidney infection or a verruca (yep, waaaayyy too much information) - he is CONSTANTLY sick.

This year he has had something like 24 days off work for illness (more days than his holidays) and approximately 14 of those days have been on Mondays (chel surprise).

Last night I went out with the Handsome Lawyer for a catch up and he is working in employment law at the moment, he offered me some advice as to how I can sack him without fear of an employment tribunal - perhaps I'll take him up on that....

10 November, 2006

Master of Mystery

Whilst on the tube homeward yesterday I snuck a peek at the tall, dark, handsome man's reading material sitting next to me and saw that he was reading something called The Mystery Method.

I did a quick scan and was surprised to see that it was actually a document to do with how to pick up women. And in my opinion, the advice wasn't that great.

Firstly, I didn't think it was that great that the 'target' was being referred to as a 'victim'. Since when did females who are being hit upon become 'victims'?!?

One line I glanced at said something like:

"Take the victim down from their friends, family and home. Once isolated they have no outside support and in their confusion are easily led astray."

Yep, I think the Mystery Method is definitely the way forward. It was developed by someone who is named Mystery. I bet he's a laugh a minute.

I wonder if The Mystery Method works with the gays?

06 November, 2006


F/BF (Flatmate/Best Friend), OBF (Other Best Friend) and I went to see Anthony & the Johnsons with Charles Atlas at the Barbican in a show called 'Turning'.

A show which celebrates gender metamorphosis; the women on stage were truly celebrated in their beauty - each and every one had their moment to 'turn'.

F/BF started crying in the first song and didn't stop for over four songs. Antony's voice was as fragile yet powerful as ever and his songs took on even more resonance with the beauties' images being projected behind him.

I said to F/BF and OBF afterwards that I felt like we were watching an historic event; I have a feeling that the performance will inform and inspire artists for years to come. Truly incredible.

02 November, 2006

I've just bought an...

Apartment! (... in Melbourne)

I now have no money! But I'm very excited!

This is my new living room!