06 September, 2006

Porny Art and Random Girls

I went to see the premiere of Destricted at the Tate Modern tonight. OBF (Other Best Friend) was supposed to be accompanying me but unfortunately couldn't make it from the airport in time (he was arriving back from Amsterdam where he had been to see Madonna).

Given the material, he was literally about the only person I would have felt comfortable sitting next to. The 7 short films explore the lines between art and pornography, and the producers have commissioned some really interesting (and controversial in their own right) artists; Matthew Barney, Marina Abramovic, Larry Clarke, Marco Brambilla, Richard Prince, Sam Taylor-Wood and Gaspar Noé.

Sam Taylor-Wood's piece felt quite obvious, to the point that one member in the audience proclaimed a large sympathetic 'oh' when the man masturbating in Death Valley reached his denoument, with a rather disappointing amount of jizz (if any?). Similarly obvious was We Fuck Alone by Noé, although rather more disturbing.

Matthew Barney's piece, Hoist was typically visceral and really rather beautiful, albeit tense to watch (especially for a man wondering what might happen to the bloke who was being filmed if his tackle got caught in the machinery...)

Marian Abramovic's ode to Balkan folklore had the entire audience chortling with delight, but the highlight of the films for me was Larry Clarke's superb deconstruction of how people born after 1980 have been shaped by their heightened access to pornography - Impaled. As usual, Clarke's focussed (and slightly perverted) vision seems to manage to strike exactly the right balance between making his audience feel amused and simply dirty.

I caught the tube home with my head full of tits, cocks, butts and money shots listening to my ipod, when a Random Girl got on and gestured to my ipod...

Random Girl: What are you listening to?

Ziggy: David Bowie.

Random Girl: Right, I do this thing where I ask someone on the tube to play me a track of theirs that they've been listening to loads and I play them one of mine. Are you up for it?

Ziggy: Yeah, sounds cool.

We then proceed to play one another our chosen tracks (I chose to play her Joan As Policewoman's 'Save Me', while she played me 'Do Not As I Do' by Hanne Hukkelberg). I loved that moment. One girl bored of the benign attitude of London tube travellers decides to engage people through music.

This little interlude couldn't have come at a better time to be honest. It shifted my rather dark mood and I got to listen to some fantastic new music in the process. Thanks Random Girl.


Dan Project 76 said...


The people with I-Pods on my tube journeys are always rude cunts playing R&B twice as loud as should be humanly possible. How do they do that?

Anonymous said...

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Bluez628 said...


I did see "I stand alone". It was one of those movies that stayed with me for days. Dark and angry film, well done though and I'd say it was kind of soft porn. Of course thats US standards, in France it ain't no big thang I guess heh

And you're right about the song "Save Me", its a great tune.

~ good girl ~ said...

I LOVE your Random Girl story!! How lovely!! These things have a way of knocking us on the head and making me feel fuzzy inside, as if caught in a movie myself.


GG xo

Beth said...

Random Girl is my new hero; I'm going to try that next time I'm on my fair city's rapid transit.

The Tate show sounds interesting. I like Larry Clarke's work, and Marian Abramovic's piece sounds interesting. Doubt the show will travel to Atlanta, though.

Erik said...

You just summed up in one elegant post everything I miss about London: the Tate Modern, randomness, people on public transport listening to good music. Damn your beautiful skin.

Dale said...

I'm in love with a random girl now! Very excellent of her and you to play along. I'm not sure I want to know anything more about anyone's tackle caught in the machinery but it does sound like a interesting show Ziggy.

ziggystardust73 said...

yeah, there are a few of those Dan (cunts that is). Why don't you play the random girl game with one some time?? :-)

Spam Man - I don't eat processed meat.

Bluez - I haven't seen that one - should I? To be honest I really don't like Noe's stuff very much - I find it all too obvious, AND disturbing - I can manage the disturbing bit but he is just so transparent that it irritates me!

GG - It was just the pick me up I needed - well, that and your beautiful words of encouragement... ! xx

Beth - Random Girl is actually setting up a website about this - she gave me the link but it isn't live yet - she's still gathering all the random people's choices! It's http://www.playmeyours.com/

Erik - YAY! I was wondering how many times I had to stand on that evil cunt twin of mine's head so that you would be free to come over to comment on my blog. Is my beautiful skin damned?

Dale - it was an interesting show, but the tackle being so close to the machinery did make me feel slightly squeamish. In a good way, of course. ;-)

DaBich said...

YIKES! Tackle does NOT mix with machinery! :X
Glad Random Girl made your evening :)

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh my dear Ziggy! Forgive my long abscence! Bohemians have been stuck at a crossroads and everything is a mess I tell you! But I am trying to sneak off from the craziness and catch up so off I go!

Man have you been a blogging dynamo!

First off, I LOVED the meme... anytime there is a chance to get to know more about you well, I will jump at the chance I tell you!

Glad to hear you are coming up with a business plan for Australia! I never have had the chance to know things far enough down the road for such a luxury as is a plan! As is. everything that is happening, if it happens, will be a whirlwind as it always is! Bohemians everywhere applaud you I say, APPLAUD!

Oooh! Madonna! My half-brother who lives in Madrid saw her in London of all places!

I am fascinated by the seven shorts you saw... sexuality and its treatment by society says a lot about the cultural advancement of a society... in my mind the brilliant ones are those with no hang-ups, working on equal rights on all and on the idea that as long as whatever happens is between two consenting adults, then so be it... very few of such places around sadly... and films such as the one you saw are often great in opening up people's minds and simply joining in on the conversation, don't you think?

As for the Random Girl moment? Precious! Just like you my dear friend! All my love and huge boho kisses from one who has missed you so!


J said...

you know, Zigs, it's funny you should write that piece about the subway b/c i realized the same thing here in NY. i'm riding the train and the conductor was kind enough, in making the usual annoucement, to wish everyone a glorious day. that NEVER happens and i smiled when i heard it because it felt so engagig. i looked around at my fellow subway riders and they didn't even lift their heads. they were all tuned out to whatever noise going on in their heads and stuff. NYers are so damn jaded sometimes that i want to kick them. but oh well, it made me smile.

missy said...

You're so kind to actually go for the music trade! I'd feel a bit shy if someone tries to talk to me lol

Butchieboy said...

Thank you for postung a picture of a naked chick.

Anonymous said...

I would have an anxiety attack that my music repetoire wouldn't be "cool" enough for her.

-Jason (DJRed)

Haily said...

That's a good idea!

I just need an ipod.

And I suppose I should start taking transit...

Well, it's still a good idea.

ziggystardust73 said...

Dabich, you know it, I know it, but clearly Matthew Barney doesn't!!

Miz Boho - Damn I missed yo ass girl. Smoochy Moochies for you.

J - NYers remind me of Londoners - the two cities are parallel in many ways - including the jaded bit!

Missy - if I ever see you on the tube I'm going to ask you to play me your tune!

Butchie - you're welcome. Glad I could do you a service.

Jason - I have those fears too, thankfully I passed her test (or she was a damn good liar).

Haily - Good to see you! Ipods are overrated, I think we should all go back to mix tapes....

Yihh said...


Whoa I'm late with this one but Random Girl Rocks! I'm here in london too and I know that one day i'll run into Random Girl......Totaly different than the use....Go on with ya bad self Random Girl!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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