19 September, 2006

Just a moment...

F/BF (Flatmate/Best Friend) and I started our move over the weekend. GB (Ginger Boss) had been kind enough to loan me her car so that we could start moving over things like books, glassware, crockery, etc. It wasn’t too bad, although by Saturday afternoon when I was driving the car across London back to GB’s place I was pretty exhausted.

By the time I reached GB’s I was desperate for a drink of the alcoholic variety and thankfully, so was GB. We ended up in Balham Kitchen & Bar, and one drink turned in to five. (Ziggy the devil strikes again).

Anyway, I had to take the tube home and feeling slightly intoxicated, put my iPod on. At Elephant & Castle station I changed on to the Bakerloo line, and on the way down the platform walked past a very attractive looking guy (Blonde Adonis) walking in the opposite direction. He glanced at me but I was almost certain he was straight. And even if he was gay, he was completely out of my league.

I got on the Bakerloo line tube in the last carriage and awaited the train to depart. Three minutes wait is a long time on the London Underground! Just before the train departed, I was slightly bewildered to see Blonde Adonis jump on to my carriage – why? Just a few minutes ago I had seen him walking in the opposite direction.

I soon realised that Blonde Adonis was rather drunk. He almost fell in to the woman sitting next to him when he sat down, and smirked to himself in a goofy stylee. I smirked back because I knew the feeling (and his smile made me feel warm and fuzzy). The tube is quite a surreal place when you’re drunk – you realise that everyone around you potentially thinks you are an idiot, but what do you care?

All of a sudden I realised that Blonde Adonis was staring intently at me. Of course, I refused to look anywhere near his direction. I am crap at situations like this, particularly when I find someone physically attractive.

A few stations on and Blonde Adonis stood up (almost falling on top of me in the process). He stood right in front of me and stared at me, before walking to the nearest door (stumbling in the process but pretending to stretch whilst glancing over at me).

As the doors opened, he looked at me and mouthed ‘get off here with me’. I obviously looked confused so he repeated the command ‘get off here with me’.

I shook my head (probably not that convincingly as I really wanted to get off with him – in every sense of the expression) and as the door pulled shut, he stood with his arms held wide apart and a sad puppy dog look on his face as the train pulled away.

A girl sitting opposite me then indicated for me to take my earphones out, which I did:

Tube Girl: “um…. Why the hell didn’t you get off with him??”

I so didn’t have a good answer to that question.


Anonymous said...

I'd have done the same thing, but would be kicking myself for days thinking about what could have happened.

It would be especially painful, since I'm a sucker for blondes.


Puska-babushka said...

oh Ziggy boy, what a delightfully surreal and entertaining story - so very London and so very gay! I laughed as I read it through to the wife; who also chuckled in delight and then added.."gosh Gay men are strange, why don't lesbians do that?" I think we would all start riding the tube aimlessly if these things happened every day! Thanks for keeping us entertained with tittillating tube stories!

Ryan said...

You still have me, Zig. :)

Dan Project 76 said...

You appear to get the tube from that other dimension where there are blond adonises one day and friendly random girls who share I-Pod mudic the next.

I only find myself with the noisy chavs and grumpy old folks who smell of wee and mothballs.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell didn't you get off with him????


Dale said...

Another tube adventure in Electric Ziggyland is it? Always entertaining and intriguing Zig. You weren't wearing your KISS makeup at the time were you?

nortynessa said...

ha ha... funny stuff nort. xx

cuteCTguy said...

Arrrghhhhhh... ZIGGY! Honestly young man - there is no hope for you...still you know what.. you both drunk probably not that safe. Or am I being overly cautious. I seem to meet men on Kings Road..

DaBich said...

cutectguy has a point, about being drunk and safe/not safe. But still....dayum, a blonde adonis, DAYUM!

markus said...

tube girl is right... but i would've done the same thing, zigs...

J said...

well, it was some fun eye-candy moment but the fact that he was drunk would have been a turn-off. think of it as a little fun, that's all!

i'm going to do some shameless blog-whoring right now, Zigs, but my gallery is up. just mosey on over to the blackstar and check out the link!

Beth said...

I want to damn you ... but I would have done the same thing. At least it was flattering, no? As (I believe it was) Sophia Loren once said, the sexiest love affairs are those never acted on.

ziggystardust73 said...
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ziggystardust73 said...

Jason - oh yep. You and I are obviously alike. I have been in pain for days over my decision to not get off the train. Never mind the fact that I would never in a million years have gotten off because I'm too much of a pussy. But I still beat myself up over my decision regardless. Useless.

Pushka Babushka - I'm loving the new profile name, gorgeous!! Yep, the gays are bloody hilarious I tell you. Damn those insecurities of mine, DAMN THEM I SAY.

Ryan - and I'm thankful for that ;-)

Dan - haven't you tried out the parallel tube yet? It is way better.

Bluez - I'm useless AND insecure. He was so much better looking than me that I couldn't even bear him looking at me, imagine if I'd have gotten off the train? I would have stood there waiting the floor to swallow me up. Truly pathetic, I know.

Dale, how did you know I was wearing my Paul Stanley make up?! Were YOU Blonde Adonis??

Norty - you should have seen him... he was HOT. Typical, huh?

CuteCTGuy - alcohol is always a blanket I use to forget my insecurities - especially with anything sexual! And it has NEVER stopped me from being safe before. Although I guess there is a first for everything. Kings Road you say?? See you down there.

Dabich - DAYUM is right. But read above re. the safe issue. I'm a really good boy. Honest. :-)

Markus - I've missed you! Good to see you. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only gay in this world to be entirely useless with other gays. There should be a handbook I tell you.

J - I think there is something in that. And I've checked out the gallery - WOW. I'll be over soon to comment more fully, but I love some of your work. How exciting for you, huh??

Beth - the fact that you quoted Sophia Loren worked for me more than you can ever imagine. And you're absolutely right - it was flattering, and made me feel good.

Haily said...

Nothing worse than whiskey dick. You were probably better off staying on the tube.

ziggystardust73 said...

Hey Haily!

Whiskey dick made me laugh out loud at my screen - thanks for that ha ha.

Good to see you around here again, it's been ages! Hope all is OK with you.


~ good girl ~ said...


You make me want to ride the tube. And say things to random strangers, find connectivity where I don't think I will, glimpse life's little adventures while the train zips by.

I want to meet blond men who tells me to get off the train with them. And just liek you, I wouldn't have. And if I try, I'd likely leave it till too late and the train door wld shut on my nose and make me squeak, nasal and all, "Err...another time then?"

But oh, Ziggy, don't we love such stories? It makes life feel like life.

GG xox