10 August, 2006

You Muppet!

Things seem to have turned a corner a bit for me, I'm feeling a bit better. A couple of good things that have happened include:

1. Had date # 3 with Handsome Lawyer (HL). He took me to Rules which, although supposedly a bit of a tourist trap, is amazing. Really good, comforting English food cooked very well. I'm not saying anything more about the evening yet...

2. Spoke to my beautiful friend The Doctor and resolved our issues - we spoke on the phone last night for one and a half hours and I, for one, feel much better for having had the conversation.

But what I'm much more interested in talking about today is the DVD I watched last night - Muppet's Wizard of Oz.

I love the Muppets, but recent films like this one just don't cut it in my opinion. Dorothy was played by a lacklustre Ashanti, Aunt Em by Queen Latifah (puh-lease. she can't act for shit) and some of the muppets just didn't seem to sparkle like they used to.

There were still a couple of choice moments, I particularly liked Toto being played by Pepe the Prawn, Okay?

But now for my question of the day (and what an important question it is...):

Who is your favourite Muppets character and why?

I'll get the ball rolling - mine is Beaker for the following 5 star performance:


DaBich said...

I love the Cookie Monster! (Cuz I love cookies!) And he's blue and cute :)

Glad you're feeling better, Ziggy, you had me worried!

Jason said...

I love all the chickens and little rats. Just because.

Now I want to hear more about HL.

Saviour Onassis said...

I am fond of so many of the Muppets, but if I had to choose just one: Miss Piggy.

Because she taught me how to be a bitch and deal with all the frogs in my life. She is a strong, beautiful and talented role model. I owe a great deal of who I am today to Piggy and for that, I am forever grateful.

angel, jr. said...

My favorite would have to most of them. I really can't pick one because they all blend together so well. Don't make me pick one...I can't.
Okay, maybe it would be Scooter.

Jemima said...

I'm a Miss Piggy too, I'm afraid. Yes, I have been known to karate chop people around me for trifling offences. Indeed I do have an inflated sense of my own importance. And sometimes I flounce for no reason at all.

I have a Miss Piggy mug at work, and you'd think that'd tell everyone everything they need to know about me, but still they fall into my path. Fools.

Muppet Christmas Carol was the best. Saw it at the cinema and really annoyed the children who'd gone to see it, with my many decibel laughter.

Mommy, why's the scary lady making that noise..?

because she thinks she's Miss Piggy and is going to hit you if you don't stop talking.

and relax

Ms. Live and Let Live said...

My favorite has to be Grover. You know, the cute one on Sesame Street before that little red bitch took over? Heh. Grover was always fun and positive.

Anonymous said...

Always loved Oscar the grouch, still do.

Dale said...

All of the Avenue Q gang. Okay, they're not really muppets but they're like an adult version of them.

ben said...

Are Sesame Street puppets allowed, then? I know they're all Henson / Oz et al creations, but strictly speaking Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar, The Count, Big Bird, Mr Snuffleuffagus, Guy Smiley etc are not Muppets. Only Kermit crossed over between the two formats as far as I'm aware.

My favourite Muppet by miles and miles is Gonzo. He's so brave and so silly, and no-one is quite sure what he actually is. I don't like what's happened to his voice in recent films though - he's become a little gruff. I also liked Beauregard the odd job man, if anyone remembers him.

K~ said...

Ziggy London's Beloved Style Icon,
Glad you are doing better sweet one. I'm so glad you got things worked out with your friend.

Glad things are going well with HL :)

As for the muppets my favorites were:
The Swedish Chef. Oh geez he kept me laughing "Bork Bork Bork Bork"
And the critics--their names escape me at the moment.

ziggystardust73 said...

Dabich - 'C' is for 'Cookie!' and thanks for thinking of me!

Jason - the rats and Rizzo (their leader) are supercool. *ziggy winks re. HL*

Saviour - Hi-ya! *ziggy karate chops Saviour*

Angel, I think it's so great Scooter is your favourite. He's got such geek chic.

Ms Live - Grover is so cute and I love the fact he has wiry fur. He's a little messy and that is good.

Bluez - Oscar the Grouch who lives in a trash can. Who can say more than that?

Dale - I'm seeing Avenue Q next month. Will let you know what I think :-) Have you seen 'Meet the Feebles'? If not, you simply must.

Ben, Gonzo is in love with a chicken Camilla, although I believe at one point he also had a bit of a crush on Big Bird. Fact. And Beauregard! I'd forgotten about him - thanks for the memory!

K~ - Swedish Chef ROCKS! And the critics were called Statler & Waldorf - oh yeah, good times.

Saviour Onassis said...

Oh, Kermie!

scribe said...

Muppets From Space was the last tre Muppets movie.

J said...

you know, and forgive me for saying this darling ziggy, but i've heard such bad things about english food. when i was over there, i had some a typical english breakfast everyday (before i went to school) but i wasn't too blown away although i really liked the eggs. i found myself eating a ton of great tandoori while i was in london though. i do like cider, though...

as for my favorite muppet, well, i always thought Animal was pretty damn cool but i was very partial to Big Bird as a child. yhou see, i had this Big Bird Doll that i would drag around with me all the time. you'd pull his string and he'd say, "Hello, my name is Big Bird..." well, after a while, he got to be really straggly and people would whisper when i dragged that damn thing around with me. i was very attached to that toy, though. my dad pulled a prank on my by hidng Big Bird in a huge pot. i was not amused.

btw, i happen to live in the neighborhood where they film Sesame Street. Kaufmann-Astoria studios in my own back yard.

~ good girl ~ said...

Ziggylicious! I'm late to the party but I've saved my last kiss for you. Muah!! xox

I love Kermit. To me, Kermit is the Muppet Show, in all its various extensions. Kermit is funny, sad, joyful, tragic, comic, misunderstood, silly and hopeful. He tries to keep it all together for everyone, often exasperated but still, the essence of Kermit is "The Rainbow Connection" (which I have on my iPOD!!). Kermit, to me, is human. He is foibles and dreams all rolled together in a green ball of emotions, stick-like feet, big puppy eyes and all. And like a few of us, wonders of he knows about love at all.

Sigh. I love Kermit. I need to hold his hand and tell him it'll all be ok :-)


*Don't think I haven't taken note of that HL snippet. I'll be waiting to hear more xo

running42k said...

I'm with you Ziggy on Beaker. I love how he freaks out as things are blowing up in the lab.

Ryan said...

Lil' Kim is my favorite. :)

Dan Project 76 said...

The one with the fish! I have an action figure of him.

Senor Cheeseburger said...

Who cares, that's the dumbest question I've ever fucking heard in my LIFE!

Everyone knows the answer is Fozzie.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh my! The Muppets! I have not watched them since a wee kid so I do not remember them well! Although Animal had quite the impact on my young life (as in nightmares) but as a woman I think I am leaning towards liking him more!

Glad the date went well and that you are feeling better and more up to your Ziggalicious self! The world is just not the same place when our fab Zigster is down dat's FO SHO!

Besos to my dear Ziggy and here's hoping your weekend was all you hoped it would be and more!

Tom Gaylord said...

miss piggy, we're second cousins

Miz BoheMia said...

Miss Piggy reminds me of my cousin. But I would not dare tell her that for fear that she migh beat me up...

ZIGGY! Where art thou? 'Tis been 5 days, 5 DAYS, of no Zigster and I am withering away, WITHERING AWAY I TELL YOU! COME BACK!

There! Can you tell I miss you?

ziggystardust73 said...

Scribe - I'm completely with you on that. Definitely the last winner.

J - good choices - I love Animal AND Big Bird. Big Bird is kinda androgenous which I, for one, respect. As for English food - I LOVE it. Lots of people don't though - although I have to say the choice in terms of food here in London is incredible these days. Come back again and check it out!

Good Girl - I somehow knew you would love Kermie.

*ziggy looks shifty eyed about HL*

big smooches right back.

Running - I always knew you had great taste.

Ryan - she would be.

Dan - I love you.

Senor - I love your profile name. And how'd you get your teeth so white? Fozzie Rocks.

Miz Boho - I'm here, I'm here! Sorry for the absence - life is a bit crazy right now! Much like Animal!! Big old gay besos flying in to YO FACE!

The Gaylord who is Tom: the resemblance is uncanny.

Beth said...

I have a stuffed Mr. Aloysius Snuffleupagus, so I'll have to go with him since he's always there when I'm sad ...

... but I'm also old school and love Kermit. I, too, have the beautiful green one singing "The Rainbow Connection" - and Karen Carpenter's version, too.

mellowlee said...

Hmmm Animal for sure. He was nucking futs. Em...do other Jim Henson movies count? Cause The Dark Crystal ruled. I love the Gelflings!

ziggystardust73 said...

Beth - I love Mr Snuffleupagus. He is so comforting.

Mellowlee - welcome! And yes, Animal is nucking futs lol! And the Gelfings are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

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