29 August, 2006

Book Club Session 2

Saturday night we had our second book club meeting - this time the book was DJ Slippers' choice: Wise Children by Angela Carter.

The night was hosted by DJ Slippers and Mrs Vanderbilt and was a complete success - the wine never stopped flowing and the food was delicious.

Wise Children seemed to inspire some rather passionate debate which was great - I, myself, didn't feel that I accessed the novel as well as I could have done; and posed the question as to whether this may have been because I am male. This notion was not supported by Kevin Aucoin, however, who absolutely adored the novel (as did DJ Slippers; Mrs Vanderbilt was more in my camp) and by the end of the book felt a tingle of appreciation from head to toe.

The carnivalesque themes of the book appealed to most of us to varying degrees, and the Shakespearean references irritated some more than others (me the most, it has to be said...!).

The book club ended with a random choice of our next novel (from a choice of four books) by Coco Chanel (DJ Slippers and Mrs Vanderbilt's kitty) who was so definite in her decision that no-one could possibly argue. Her choice? The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri (as suggested by Kevin Aucoin).



DaBich said...

Sounds like some mighty fine reading. If I lived there, I'd join your club!!
And wine? I'd be hooked for sure!

Jemima said...

Read it a few years ago and it wasn't my favourite Carter. Pompous and not enough artificial vaginas.

ziggystardust73 said...

JVS - you just made me spit my coffee out at my screen with laughter!

*thank you!!*

Anonymous said...

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