29 August, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

I've made a rather major life decision.

I've decided that I am going to move back to Australia in a year's time.

It has been bubbling away in my mind for a while but finally I've decided it is what I want (and need) to do.

Which means I have a year left here in London, and I need to do lots of things before I leave.

So on my jam-packed weekend, my good friend (and fellow Book Club member) DJ Slippers and I went to Claridge's for afternoon tea. It was lovely sitting in the Art Deco foyer and drinking tea out of the Claridge's bone china.

DJ Slippers looked like a modern day Bettie Page (albeit fully dressed), with her Louise Brooks black bob, a leopard print chiffon blouse, pencil skirt and tailored black jacket.

I was wearing a fitted white shirt, pin stripe trousers, some *very* pointy black shoes and a thin grey tie...

...we looked like something out of a fifties fashion shoot.

On walking through the revolving doors, the numerous groups of grannies and the ultra wealthy sipping tea seemed to all stare at us in unison - I don't think we were the type of clientele the place was used to.

Who cares... we felt fabulous and the smoked salmon finger sandwiches were delicious.


~ good girl ~ said...

Oh Ziggy, you sound positively delish. I have a weakness for pinstripes and thin ties. And a well fitting shirt. Mmm... Ziggylicious indeed.

And yes, who cares? As long as you're having a lovely time and soaking up the good vibes in life. Why care?

For some odd reason, I am not one bit surprised by your decision. Something in your posts, those I have read in my short time here...something was "aching". Not even sure that's the right word. But something for longing for more and perhaps, longing for less. Or both, really. Increasingly, your heart seems to have gone inward and inwards, found a different song, Ziggy.

1 year is a long time. Who knows what will happen within the next 12 mths? But whatever does happen, travel where you yearn, cast your eyes where you may. You know you've found your song xo

Now, sing it for us. No croaking, plse :-)

GG xo

Saviour Onassis said...

Major life decisions are not to be taken lightly. If this is something you feel you must do, then you must do it. I am sure you will have no problem being fabulous wherever you go.

How exactly does one smoke salmon finger sandwiches?

DaBich said...

Ziggy, dahling! I am with GG, I feel you've made a decision that your heart wanted for some time. Enjoy your last year in England, and kick the dust off when you depart. I'm sure your family Down Under are happy indeed!!! Big Hugz to ya. Celebrate the decision...but do it gently ;)

Bluez628 said...

I'm jealous! I would love to visit Australia and New Zealand however I know me, I wouldn't come back. One of these days though, I will make it down there and perhaps I won't come back, let the kids come see ME. Sounds like a good retirement plan to me!!

Thanks so much for the Joan Wasser tune, I can't wait till she comes back to her home state and does a gig cuz I am there! (Unless J wants to go when she's in the city *hint*)

J said...

oh, zigs, i didn't know you were an aussie! i've always wanted to head over there myself and experience that neck of the woods.

oh, i wish you had pictures of yourself so i could see how fabulous you looked.

joan wasser? i'm going to have to look her up :)

Dale said...

They do allow blogs down there right?

ben said...

So what are the other things you need to do before you return? Perhaps listing them here and writing an account of each as it is achieved would make interesting reading?

ziggystardust73 said...

Good Girl - what a gorgeous comment, you always seem to have a sense of what I'm thinking/feeling - are you psycho? (as Kath & Kim would say?)

And don't worry on the singing front... it will happen, sweetie xx

Saviour - from one fabulous boy to another: thank you. And smoking salmon sandwiches? Over a fire (that we lit on the carpet at Claridge's), of course.

Dabich - I'm trying to celebrate (gently) but it's difficult - my excessive nature just keeps returning :-)

Bluez and J - Australia wants you both to visit.

Dale - yep, I believe they do ;-) How very dare you?!

Ben - I'm on it!

cuteCTguy said...

You should also try the champagne bar.. its like a jewel box.. take a right when you are heading towards the tea foyer and right to the Ramsay Restaurant... Glad you had fun.

Beth said...

I'm jealous! I want to have afternoon tea at Claridge's. Sporting a Louise Brooks bob. But my curls would ruin the effect.

running42k said...

I am sure you guys looked great.

Good for you on your decision and enjoy the last year in London.

constant rain said...

:D Yes! What they said! (well everything). You all sounded extra cute, and I'm glad you had a lovely time. What a huge decision. I'm sorry for asking questions maybe everyone else knows, or you've already stated, but how long have you been in London??

ziggystardust73 said...

Cutectguy - been there, like it and it does look like a jewel box!

Beth - perhaps you could sport a more joan crawford do? what do you think??

Running - thanks.

Constant - I'm not sure everyone does know, but I've lived in London for the last 8 years, and lived here for 2 years before that! So a long time.... !!

zuzula said...

wow - big decision! fair play - enjoy your last year and make sure you do everything you've been vaguely planning to do 'one day'...

Miz BoheMia said...

My dearest Ziggy... forgive my absence dear friend... things were crazy in the land o' bohemia to say the least and much soul searching was done... as I see has been the case with you my dear friend! It sounds as though you have arrived at a much needed and satisfying decision and I assume a heavy weight must have been lifted off your shoulders! And for this, bohemians everywhere rejoice, REJOICE I SAY!

As for the outfit? Sizzling! How I wish I could have seen you in all your pinstripe glory! GRRRR FO SHO! GRRR!

Watch it amigo or you will be breaking many a heart! *sigh* You are Ziggylicious indeed!

May you have had a beautiful week and may the weekend be nothing short of utterly fabulous! From a bohemian who just looooveeees you to pieces!


missy said...

How posh ;-)