04 August, 2006

have a nice weekend...

You've never been to Niagara Falls?
I have seen water, its water, that's all...
The Eiffel Tower, the Empire State?
My pulse was as high on my very first date!
Your grandson's hand as he plays with your hair?
To be honest, I really don't care...

I've seen it all, I've seen the dark
I've seen the brightness in one little spark.
I've seen what I chose and I've seen what I need,
And that is enough, to want more would be greed.
I've seen what I was and I know what I'll be
I've seen it all - there is no more to see!

.... I've been listening to bjork again


scribe said...

".... I've been listening to bjork again"

Have you eardrums started bleeding yet?

running42k said...

Are yoy sipping on anything fermented while this listening is going on?

missy said...

Ah, Björk...

Have a good weekend!! xx

DaBich said...

Niagara Falls is MUCH better to listen to than Bjork :)

Have a great weekend, Ziggy :)

Bluez628 said...

If you ever get close to a human
And human behaviour
Be ready to get confused
There's definitely no logic
To human behaviour
But yet so irresistible
There's no map
To human behaviour
They're terribly moody
Then all of a sudden turn happy
But, oh, to get involved in the exchange
Of human emotions is ever so satisfying
There's no map
And a compass
Wouldn't help at all
Human behaviour

Dale said...

I would have to agree with what Bluez628 said, what you said initially Ziggy and offer:

All these accidents that happen
follow the dots
coincidence makes sense only with you
you don't have to speak
i feel emotional landscapes
they puzzle me

Then the riddle gets solved and you push me up to this

state of emergency
how beatuiful to be
state of emergency is where i want to be

Bluez628 said...

Björk Fest!!!

Guess I have to break out the wine now....

Saviour Onassis said...

I concur. Bjork rules!

This is one of my favorite bits:
We live on a mountain
Right at the top
There's a beautiful view
From the top of the mountain
Every morning I walk towards the edge
And throw little things off
Like car-parts, bottles and cutlery
Or whatever I find lying around
It's become a habit
A way to start the day

I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you

It's real early morning
No-one is awake
I'm back at my cliff
Still throwing things off
I listen to the sounds they make
On their way down
I follow with my eyes 'til they crash
Imagine what my body would sound like
Slamming against those rocks
When it lands
Will my eyes
Be closed or open?

Saviour Onassis said...

And this:

Since we broke up
I'm using lipstick again
I'll suck my tongue
In remembrance of you

Dale said...

Bjork is an original and I love her. Have you ever heard Yeah Yeah Yeah's version of Hyperballad? Karen O and an acoustic guitar from a Seattle set, poignant is a word I haven't used to describe them before. At the end of the song, she says to what sounds like a small crowd that years ago they sent a cassette of the song to Bjork and they like to think she never listened to it and therefore didn't reject it.

Bluez628 said...

Gotta love her!
SavO check that tune out on YouTube, its excellent


Looking for the Yeah Yeah's version Dale. Here's another one for Ziggy:

one day
it will happen
one day, one day
it will all come true

one day
when you're resdy
one day, one day
when you're up to it
the atmosphere
will get lighter
and two suns ready
to shine just for you
i can feel it
one day
it will happen
one day. one day
it will all make sense
one day, one day
you will blossom
one day, one day
when you're ready
an aeroplane
will curve gracefully
around the volcano
with the eruption that never lets you down
i can feel it
and the beautifullest
fireworks are burning
in the sky just for you
i can feel it

one day
one day

You don't mind we're just taking over your blog on Bjork now do ya?? Dude, you gotta smile!

Dale said...

Good choices y'all and Bluez, you got your mp3 and all I got was a lousy tin of root beer. Hmph. Enjoy!

Bluez628 said...

Dale, I sent you a frosted mug too !

I have a ton of music, if there's something you're looking for and don't have I'd be glad to return the favour. Note how this american spelled favor. Heh

Dale said...

The frosted mug may have been held at customs. Thanks for thinking of me so favourably though, har har.

Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! Everyone's singing! So I won't... but that is to spare you for never did a more horrible sound invade the earth when this bohemian attempted to be melodious and soprano-ish... oh well!

Beautiful words... do like me that fellow Icelander for sure! SO FHO!

Oooh! Bondage? Are you feeling naughty? Me wonders what you have planned for this weekend! Come back and dish I say!

But for now, live it up on this your weekend and accept these humble offerings of boho kisses!

Besos to my dear and fab Ziggy!

~ good girl ~ said...

sometimes, bjork gets you down, and sometimes, she hits you back up again. And once in a while, you can't quite decide which she wants you to be.

Let's hope Ziggy's up today.

GG xo

ziggystardust73 said...

um, question 1:

I can't find Yeah Yeah Yeahs version of Hyperballad anywhere, Dale, and I'm really, really bovvered.

could you help me out? *ziggy batters his long eyelashes which he knows probably won't help because Dale is a savvy man...*

please please please please please

Dale said...

Answer No. 1 -- I'm a sucker for feeling temporarily superior and so I'm emailing it to you at the email posted on your blog. I will now resume my adoration at everyone's fearless love of Bjork. Except those of you who don't love her. You can all suck it.

Bluez628 said...

Ziggy get a gmail account. The mailbox is huge, great way to send tunes. I'll send you an invite if'in you want one :-)

Dale said...

You got the email and mp3 though Ziggy?

ziggystardust73 said...


Thank you Dale! I did! Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

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