02 August, 2006

Tag-Head by my beeiiiaatch Dabich

I haven't been tagged for ages so was a bit excited to see this one via my favourite beeiiiaatch:

Rapper Name - Homo (Z)apian. (well this is a ridiculous answer to a ridiculous question... sorry, Scribe...)

Alternative Rock Band Name - Stardusters.

Name your pain - The pain of existence.

1 True Word That Symbolizes God - Reality.

1 True Love or 1 Million Dollars? - True love every time.

Live Free or Die Stupid? - I'm already stupid so I'll choose the Live Free.

Purist, happiest moment ever (8 words or less) - My first ever orgasm.

Most Influential Life Lesson - Trust is something that has to be earned.

Most Succesful Person You Least Admire - George Bush.

Where we go when we die (1 word) - Somewhere.

Worst TV Show of the Past Decade - Big Brother (especially in its current incarnation).

Best TV Show of the Past Decade - Doctor Who.... NO, Kath & Kim, NO... Catherine Tate... OH I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!

Still with me, yes or no? - Struggling through it somehow....

Burning Building - baby or dog? - I'm with Dabich on this one, one under each arm.

Who runs the world? (2 words or less) - Bigoted losers.

Worst Idea You Ever Had - To stay in the relationship with my ex-partner (the Wanker).

Shittiest Job You Ever Had - Hotel receptionist - although the stories I could tell are good ;-)

Best Job You've Ever Had - The one still to come (or at least that's what I'm telling myself).

I believe I have to now tag 3 others to keep in the spirit of the game... so I tag Ryan, Constant (seeing as Scribe chose not to) and the Twinkling Monkey...


DaBich said...

OoooH! Zigster, your answers do NOT disappoint! Good job!
Just one thing, you're NOT stupid :glaring:

~ good girl ~ said...

Rapper Name - Homo (Z)apian.

Oh Ziggy!! LOLOLOLOL!!! This is SO darn good!

I love Kath and Kim. I can happily sit watching it all day with several helpings of vodka tonics and snacks, giggling with the PJ-Party girlies.

Homo (Z)apien. It's going to take me a while to get over this. Damn. It's good.

And OI! I heard that! - That glittery girl not *really* as good. Well, ok. You win :-)

GG x

running42k said...

Excellent answers.

You seriously remember your first orgasism?

Dan Project 76 said...

We at P76 have the Kath And Kim boxset, and the recent TV movie on our computer. Jealoussss???? :-)

I am so gay sometimes!

J said...

best TV show of the past decade...hmm, tv is crap these days but there are three good ones out there: Boondocks, Chappelle Show and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Saviour Onassis said...

Your first orgasm was your purest, happiest moment ever? Wow. Sorry, I missed that.

missy said...

I love reading about other people's post on tags and memes and I always want to do them but when I start, it's just not as interesting as other bloggers.

I love your happiest moment... that would be mine, too haha!

ziggystardust73 said...

Dabich, I *really* don't want to disappoint you. EVER. :-)

Glad you like my rapper name, GG - it took me about 2 seconds so obviously it's the right one!
ps. *great* not *good* !!

Running - yes, of course! Don't you? I thought everyone must. That experience is burned in to my brain...

Dan - now I'm going to attempt to make you jealous. I've owned all of those things you mentioned for some time (in an Australian gay release stylee)...

J - TV is mostly crap. But sometimes a little bit doesn't hurt anyone, right?

Saviour - it truly was my purest, happiest moment ever. I remember thinking that I hadn't understood anything up till that point in time. Of course that has never been replicated. If you had have been there perhaps it would have been somewhat different... as it was I was by myself!

Missy - next time I will tag you and let you know if your answers are as interesting as other bloggers or not - I have to say that every time I read your blog I think 'My life is so boring in comparison!' :-)

Bluez628 said...

I shoulda picked "Busta Zippah" but DB took it first!

Dan Project 76 said...

I have the Aussie boxset too. It's not out here yet, only series 1 is.

So.. 'Jealous? Moi? Non! '

~ good girl ~ said...

Homo (Z)apien - Only a genius wld come up with this in a snap.

Ziggy, you must be genius. I defer to your Zapien greatness :-)

GG xox

scribe said...

What a concept album, my rapper name "Filth E" and yours "Homo Z?" Awww hell yeah!!!! LOL

Good work on my little question thang-I love when people actually respond to these.

Miz BoheMia said...

LOVED it fo sho! FO SHO!

I could through each point and say why but in a nutshell? The range of emotions you display through answering simple questions showing vulnerability and strength, humor and a somber mood, all rolled into one, showing us how truly multifaceted our dear Zigster is!

NO wonder I *swoon* over you! You are swoonalicious and fab my dear!

Ryan said...

Ziggy, when I found out I was tagged, I came running! Running, I say!