27 December, 2005

Orphan Christmas

So, yesterday we had our annual "Orphan Christmas", which is basically just for anyone who has no family here in London or the UK to go back to for Christmas. When I first arrived in London all those years ago, I found Christmas really difficult, being so far away from my family. And of course, I still miss them dreadfully at this time of year.

However, our 'Orphan' Christmas is always a hoot. And yesterday I got messages from 3 separate friends who were all at their respective families, saying 'oh I wish I was there for the Orphan Christmas'. The thing is, that Christmas obviously can also be a bit stressful for some people with their families.

By about 10pm last night, there was a hall full of empty champagne bottles, and we were dancing around the flat to Madonna. Perhaps not that traditional - but who cares? We had fucking fabulous festivities.

Highlight of the day:

OBF (Other Best Friend) re-enacting Tracy Ullman's infamous 'hokey pokey' scene from John Waters' "A Dirty Shame". (Faces have been changed to protect the perverted).


angel, jr. said...

I love Tracy Ullman! I love at the end of her shows where she says, "Go home!". Plus I love when she imitates that cocky lawyer and her impression of a bored conservative suburban housewife.

Merry Christmas!

nortynessa said...

out of control nort! sounded hilarious!

The Dangerous Man said...

and I dont know who Tracy Ullman is, but your friend seems funny, shame about the face!

DaBich said...

Looks like a fabulously fun time!

The Phoenix said...

Your OBF looks like he just pooped out a beer bottle.

organiclifeform said...

Heck, looks like I left the Orphan Christmas festivities too early - thought you guys had been rather tame up to then! I had a great time ziggy...here's to next year!

ziggystardust73 said...

Angel, Tracy rocks, we love her.

Norty, you should have been here.

DM, you should watch 'A Dirty Shame' by John Waters - Tracy is in the lead role. And OBF is gorgeous, so I couldn't put his face on there for fear that people would swamp me with requests for his number.

Dabich, it was fabulously fun!

Phoenix, it was actually a wine bottle, and OBF was attempting to pick it up WTTH his man pussy.

Organic, there were many more bottles consumed.... as usual!

missy said...

I'm normally an Orphan during Christmas time in the UK! But this time, I've booked a holiday in the south east!