14 June, 2006


Right, before I start this tag, I have to apologise to Dabich for not doing hers months ago. Sorry, Dabich. It was right in the middle of my parental visit and I just didn't manage it! Hopefully my answers to this tag by K~ will compensate?

I know – that soon I may melt.
I believe – that fireflies tell the truth.
I fought – against the evil of botox. (did I? no, actually I just made that up.)
I am angered – by people who fart in small places.
I love – food.
I need – to decide what I want to be.
I take – prozac. Not really. I just drink lots of gin.
I hear – traffic go past my apartment all night.
I drink – lots of gin.
I hate – ignorance.
I use – bone china when I drink tea.
I want – my own Totoro.
I decided – that I’m an atypical gay.
I like – people.
I am - myself.
I feel – displaced a lot of the time.
I left – my family in Australia.
I do – kiss boys.
I hope – to not go mad.
I dream – about people I know and don’t know.
I drive – people a bit crazy.
I listen – most of the time, unless someone bores me.
I type – fast. Go speed racer.
I think – too much.
I wish – a lot.
I compensate – for my misbehaviour.
I regret – my psychotic episodes.
I care – what happens to my friends and family.
I should – be more positive.
I am not always - sober.
I said – “please sign my tit” to Gene Simmons. (not really but I wish I had).
I wonder – what will happen to the world.
I changed – my underwear this morning.
I cry – at the most ridiculous things and inappropriate moments.
I am – Ziggy.
I am not – David Bowie.
I lose – my keys quite often.
I leave – my sanity at home from time to time.

I think I have to tag others now... but how many? hhhmmm. I tag:

Ryan who loves cybersex
This Monkey who Twinkles
The Bohemian of all Lady Bohemians
The Man who Muses Middle Age

please let me know when you've completed it...


Miz BoheMia said...

Well slap me silly and throw in a spankin' or two! Ooooweee! Tagged? Exciting fo' sho'! Will get to it asap my friend!

Did love yours! You are even dreamier than I imagined! Seriously now... atypical gay? Way to go... makes you your own person and a beloved friend of all bohemians... especially this one!

Big boho besos to one hip Zigster!

K~ said...

Ziggy London's Beloved Style Icon, you said:
I use – bone china when I drink tea.

My friend, that is only the true way to really enjoy a cup of tea. :)


And perhaps you should have asked Gene Simmons to sign your tongue instead he might have done it --in your next dream that is ;)

running42k said...

Great answers. You have set a high standard that I hope I can attain.

Twinkle Monkey said...

So instead of writing an important piece of work I decided to take you up on the game of tag...I have thus been procrastinating....he he!!!

Great Tag Ziggs...


Ryan said...

Oh my God! I'm tagged! YES! YESSS! AAAAAAHHHHHHH.

Saviour Onassis said...

I agree with Miz Bohemia: You are even dreamier than I imagined.

Nice job, Zig!

DaBich said...

"I am angered – by people who fart in small places."

LMAO, still howling here Zigs!

"Iwant – my own Totoro."
Please 'scuse my ignorance...what is a Totoro??

You more than made it worth the wait, Zigs....great answers!!!

ziggystardust73 said...

Glad you got a laugh out of it Dabich!

check this out for my Totoro:


ziggystardust73 said...

oh and to Miz Boho and Saviour who called me 'dreamy', I'm rather excited by that description!

constant rain said...

lol! Great responses! This is classic:

"I listen – most of the time, unless someone bores me."

I'm just glad that I'm not the only one!! :)

DaBich said...

Hmmm...totoro is a fantasy then...

ziggystardust73 said...

Constant - ain't that the truth! Problem for me is that it happens quite often....!!

Dabich - Totoro is NOT a fantasy for me. He is very real. (I know, I need to see a therapist again...) ;-)