11 May, 2006

Me, Me, Me, Me, ME

Today is all about ME. So Happy Birthday to ME. And here's a few of my favourite cards. (sent to ME).


running42k said...

Happy Birthday Ziggy and many many happy bdays more.

DaBich said...

Sweetie! Happy, happy, birthday!! Hope it's a wonderful day. Are you and the parents doing anything special????

nortynessa said...

happy happpyyy birthday nortteee!!!
we luv u sooooo much.. xxxxxxxxxxxx
its all about u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anhoni Patel said...

It's your birthday???

You're a Taurus??


And this time, don't lose your wallet, cellphone, mind etc, when out partying.

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ziggystardust73 said...

thank you for my birthday messages!

yes, I'm a Taurus! Scary, huh?

And to mattfrie - thank you for the offer of a degree on my birthday. I'll look in to that. It may well be easier than actually studying for it.

Bluez628 said...

Happy Belated birfday Zig

Sar said...

Happy birthday dear Ziggy! Hope you had a wonderful time.

Many apologies for my absence of late. Forgive me please? *batting eyelashes over puppydog eyes*

constant rain said...

Ok, so i thought i posted around this time?? :( Happy belated birthday, like really belated.

Anonymous said...

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