27 April, 2006

Cheeky Monkey

I went out with Twinkle Monkey on Tuesday night; we hadn't had a proper catch up for ages and it was so good to see him.

A comment he made struck me afterwards though: he reminded me (just in the course of our conversation) that he continues to see most of his ex-boyfriends (including me!) as friends now. It made me realise that of my ex-boyfriends, he is the only man I manage to maintain a friendship with.

Why is that?

* My first boyfriend (of 3+ years) vowed that if I left him he would never speak to me again (and has kept to his promise).

* My second boyfriend (of about 10 months) I saw a handful of times after we broke up and he maintained that he was 'in love' with me, so I decided to make a clean break completely and have never really been back in touch with him since.

* My third boyfriend (of around 2 years) was cheating on me with half of the gay community in London and lying to my face for the duration of the relationship, so I don't really want to talk to him again for fear of punching him.

Or at least, those are the reasons I use to justify the fact I don't see any of them.

The one I miss most, bizarrely, is the first boyfriend. Even though our relationship had significant flaws, I miss him a little. Perhaps that's because he still holds the power over me by choosing not to speak to me?


angel, jr. said...

Maybe it really is because of the fact that he was your "first" boyfriend. They say you never forget your first.

DaBich said...

Angel said it already, that's my theory.
Have you thought about WHY you miss him? Honestly?

running42k said...

Did you date a lot of ninjas? What is with the photo?

Future Legend said...

Babe, there are 6 billion people on the planet. You can't have slept with all of them! So pick one, then pick another, it's all good. As for the ex thing - so what? You'll have loads more ex's and some of them you probably WILL stay in touch with. There are bigger things to worry about. Yeah, and were they ninjas?

Miz BoheMia said...

Ha, ha, haaa! Running 42k is funny!

I think you are right about why you may be thinking of #1... but it may also signal a need for some romance in your life which would make you think of the past...

So, when are we hitting that gym of yours to get our hooks into Mr Lookie-Lookie? Hmmm?

Twinkle Monkey said...


1. Really enjoyed the catch up the other night Ziggs...You always have stories that make me twinkle...

2. I think that both you and angel, jr are right. Your 'first' is a big one and also I am sure it has to do with power...I still keep in contact with me 1st ex but it is very strained and he bores me now! lol

3. I am in no way a ninja...Can you imagine...he he

4. The picture is in reference to MONKEY...for all those Ignoramus’ out there click the link to be enlightened http://www.monkeyheaven.com/

5. Ziggs you’re a GREAT friend...although I am still giggling at that one story you told me on Tuesday (you know which one!)


scribe said...

anc I thought I had problems.

missy said...

I agree with Angel.. it's some thing about being "first" or maybe because you have been with him the longest?

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