07 March, 2006

Hip Hoxton

There is always an area which is known to be of the moment - and for a little while now, in London; it has been Hoxton.

On Saturday, OBF (Other Best Friend) and I agreed to meet in Hoxton - I had been studying for most of the day at the British Library. We went to the White Cube gallery to see the Liza Lou exhibition - which was this impressive work which basically took domestic objects or human sculptures and covered them in tiny glass beads - it was pretty amazing.

We then went to a cafe in Hoxton Square (which is achingly hip) and sat down to have a coffee, when we saw someone we know quite well - GT1 (Gay Twin One). Basically he is a gay twin, and they are both incredibly good looking guys, and live in the Hoxton area.

GT1 was surprised (to say the least) to see us there - "This isn't your area, is it?", with a bewildered look upon his face.

My first reaction was to say "um... No, but don't worry we've got our passports". I mean, what? Is it such an exclusive area that you are only allowed to be there if you are a member of that specific community??

Perhaps he didn't mean it in the way it came across, but to be honest, I just felt (and OBF agreed) that this sort of exclusivity was unneccessary and really not that cool.

Hoxton hip? Perhaps it needs to learn a bit of humility.


Twinkle Monkey said...

You are hangin' in my area Ziggy... I have set up a theatre workshop company in Hoxton and I love the hipness...

Future Legend said...

I think i know who you mean, was introduced to them both in a not so hip club (by OBF's BF-Bruce-Is that right?) . Hoxton or not, those two are naff as fuck, i wouldn't worry about it. British Library is cool, even if it's just to flirt with older gentlemen in a slightly Anna Nicole fashion.

DaBich said...

Haha, next time, say "Excuse me, but do I know you?" And then ignore the freakin, rude, moron.

Dan Project 76 said...

Poncey trendy twats!

I bet they had mullets.

Anhoni Patel said...

what a snob!

ziggystardust73 said...

aaawww you know what - I think I made him out to be not very nice, but in fact, he is.

But Hoxton is over. O. V. A. H.

zuzula said...

It is sooo last season - and that's why he was surprised to see a guy as cool as you hanging out there, obviously!

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh no! Sounds like bohemian bitch-slapping of a certain gay twin is in order!