16 February, 2006


I've been tagged, and unlike before where I've ignored these 'tags' this time I'm too scared not to do it, because I know Dabich means business. So here goes:

1. Most shameful thing you’ve done - Lied about something inherent to who I am (hhhmmm 3 guesses what that is?!).

2. Biggest regret - spending two years with a man I knew I never loved.

3. Most awkward romantic experience - (but also one of the sexiest) - the first boy I ever kissed, in the back of his car down the local park. Although I guess another awkward romantic experience probably involved me and my ex girlfriend... that's another story though.

4. Who’s scarier-cops or crooks? - probably cops, although I do find a cop's outfit quite sexy...

5. Most important figure in music history - David Bowie. (yes, I know... but I am obsessed with him).

6. Is there a god - yes or no? - I struggle with this one, I can't give a yes or no answer.

7. Why do we (humans) exist? - Oh dear, this is so existential... I can't cope.

8. Best decision you ever made - To travel, I've learnt more seeing the world and meeting people than any education I've received.

9. Object of your sexiest fantasy - Jean Michel-Basquiat's body (when he was alive) and Stephen Fry's brain...

10. Most important moment in history - again, I don't feel I can answer this one.

11. Ugliest celebrity - Paris Hilton - inside and out.

12. Stupidest politician - I have to say George Bush. I can't stand the man. Although Tony Blair is coming in a close second.

13. Who killed JFK? - Was it Lee Harvey Oswald? I'm not sure about this, I think he might have just been a decoy or something...? Help me out here!

14. Who killed Jesus? Was it Pontius Pilate?? Damn, my bible studies classes were many moons ago.

15. Who killed the radio star? - well the Buggles said the Video did.

16. Funniest Comedian/Unfunniest - Victoria Wood has to be a favourite of mine/Unfunniest - um... Cheech & Chong?!

17. Worst singer - Chris Martin from Coldplay. The guy's a loser.

18. Ideal career - Clinical Psychologist (this week at least)

19. Is stealing ever justifiable? - Depends on the circumstances - I think anything can potentially be 'justified'!

20. Origin of Life in 8 words or less – Sperms and Eggs.

now I tag.... Anhoni from Blog Crack (is that what you're meant to do?!)


Sar said...

Oooh, I feel I know you just that much more now Ziggy. Your answer to #20 cracked me up.

angel, jr. said...

I agree with you about Paris Hilton. I have no idea why people are obsessed with her.

scribe said...

Wow, nice responses to my questionairre!!!

DaBich said...

Ziggy, dear, I'd never beat you up, but you did great on your questions! I'm glad you played along. I'm with you on Cheech and Chong, they could also be with the ugliest lol. And Paris Hilton sucks green slimy pond scum!

DaBich said...

Scribe~Your questions are getting around LOL

constant rain said...

lol! :)

I was going for Paris Hilton inside from my own answers until I found a ridiculous picture of her outside that solidified that choice for that question.

scribe said...


I guess they are getting around! Maybe I should design a few more...

The Phoenix said...

Origin of Life:

Breed & Die

running42k said...

That was awesome Ziggy. A real thinking man's tag.

Anhoni Patel said...

aaaaaah girl! It's on! Stay tuned.

DaBich said...

Woo-hoo! Go Anhoni! lol
Phoenix...feel free to post them on your site...We'll read 'em!

DaBich said...

Constant!I saw that pic...she's disgusting...Paris that is.

ziggystardust73 said...

Sar, but sperms and eggs are the origin of life, no? :-)

Angel, Paris Hilton is the most revolting thing to ever walk the earth. See http://ziggystardust73.blogspot.com/2005/11/punisher.html for possible Paris Hilton opportunities.

Scribe - you invented this? Of course you thought up such difficult questions.

Dabich - I'm glad you approve of my answers, and that you won't beat me up :-)

Constant: Paris Hilton SUCKS.

Phoenix: Dying is part of the origin of life? Please explain.

Running: Perhaps you should try answering them also? I found it quite difficult (as I'm sure you could tell!) Blame Scribe for writing it and Dabich for making me answer! (not really Dabich, it was fun).

Anhoni - I wait with baited breath.

scribe said...

were they really difficult???

I'm sorry, they just came off the top of me noggin'!!!

I'm cool.

Bluez628 said...

I gotta get stronger glasses, I thought you said "spam and eggs" til I read it again.

P.S. My daughter named the new puppy Ziggy

I think she was aiming for Marley not Stardust but its all good. Tis a good name!

K~ said...

Ziggy London's Style Icon....hmmmmm so what did you lie about? Hmmmm?
My guesses?
1.You're Not REALLY a Bowie fan???
2. You really ARE the Style Icon for men over 40???
3. Those bruises in the pictures below of your shoudler really are from a bad S&M secession? Whips really do excite you???

All in good fun my friend :)

And RE: 12. Stupidest politician - I have to say George Bush. I can't stand the man. Although Tony Blair is coming in a close second.

I'd say in this country Bush and Cheney are running neck in neck for this title....if we learned one thing never ever give the Vice President a gun. LOL'n

The Dangerous Man said...

That was probably was of the best tag things I've ever read. I quite like that one, and very mature compared to most of them.

DaBich said...

Bluez~ That makes two pets named Ziggy, my daughter's kitten is Ziggy also ;)

scribe said...

thanks, dangerous man!!! :)

In that case, I will create more!

ziggystardust73 said...

aaawww little pets named after *me*!

well, not really, but it still excites me.

K... good guesses, good guesses. I particularly like the S&M one... perhaps I should start saying that!

Bluez628 said...

Seen the Bush and Cheney poster called "Dumfuck Mountain" yet? Its halarious.

DaBich said...


Sar said...

Happy Friday, Ziggy!