14 November, 2005

Architecture in Helsinki

We went to see this band from Melbourne at La Scala last night - 'Architecture in Helsinki'. The band have been described as an "avant-garde musical ensemble, influenced by the twee pop aesthetic."

They were very excited to be playing in London. So excited that for the first half of the gig, their mania kind of overshadowed their performance.

The encore, however, was amazing - they seemed to pull their focus in to line and finished their set beautifully. The band is eight members strong, at times sounding like a primary school music class who have been let loose in a room full of musical instruments! Yay!


angel, jr. said...

Nothing like listening to a band live!

scribe said...

How about listening to them dead? Ever done that? Didn't think so!!!

ziggystardust73 said...

So true Angel! Although this band were ultra live... they all looked like they were on amphetamines or something!

oh scribe. such silliness excites me so... LOL