17 October, 2005

Trash Time

She could have won the entire competition... if only they'd put her through.

I've looked at my last few posts and realised that it has all been a bit serious, so have decided to write about Saturday evening's trashy excitement: X Factor.

Yes, that's right. My Saturday evening was spent with OBF (Other Best Friend) and his partner, watching Simon Cowell et al on the first live show of the X Factor.

And what a show it was. Louis Walsh proved himself to be even more of a twat than was previously imagined (as difficult as that sounds);

Sharon appeared to have had even MORE botox to go with her new 'youth' look hair style (you've gotta love the woman);

and Simon Cowell (oh let's not go there, I have a soft spot for him for some strange reason. He's one of my "I'll never admit it but I kinda fancy him" people... Oops. Did I just admit that?)

Even more exciting, however, was how each and every act 'mentored' by Louis Walsh already seem to be morphing in to an act he has managed previously. i.e.

Shayne = Ronan Keating/somebody from Boyzone
Phillip = Any member of Westlife
Nicholas = A member of Boyzone/Weslife (how Louis managed that I don't know... he has a talent)
Chenai = Samantha Mumba (remember her??)

Yes, the guy's a fully fledged twat. But by gosh, he just adds to the superb trashiness of the show.

I admit it.

I'm completely obsessed and am now busy for the next 11 Saturday evenings.


Anonymous said...

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ziggystardust73 said...

um, I don't think that has to do with the X Factor. So SOD OFF.

organiclifeform said...

OMG I was at College and missed the first live show...what a tragedy! Have block-booked the next eleven weeks to avoid it happening ever again. Glad to see that you Londoners also spend Sat night at home with the telly!
The OOBF xx

Dan Project 76 said...

I didn't watch it this week as I only really like it while it's all a bit Little Britainy with mad people who think they are super-talents getting upset when they're told they sing like Geri Halliwell.

Was it still mental? If so, I may be tempted back.

ziggystardust73 said...

oh so mental, Dan... well worth another look, if only for the *frisson* between Simon and Louis.

Dan Project 76 said...

'frisson' ? Oh yes.

I can't remember, is Cowell out of the closet yet? I think we need an updated 'who's in and who's out' list!