10 October, 2005

I'm a little teapot

Sunday I went with a friend to see the Hayward's latest exhibition "Universal Experience - Art, Life and the Tourist's Eye".

I wasn't sure what to expect with this exhibition, and when we first walked in I wasn't convinced I was going to like it that much. The first room seemed a little odd, I've never been a fan of Jeff Koons' work - and his piece 'Bear and Policeman' did nothing to change that view. Maybe I'm just not clever enough.

However, the second room of the exhibition was an amazing installation. The piece was called The Moment (2004) by Doug Aitken and at first was quite disorientating - a darkened room, with only the light of the numerous hanging LCD screens. The piece was around journey and apparently the disorientation of waking in an unfamiliar place and was really beautiful; I spent at least 15 minutes in there and if it wasn't for the fact that there was most of the exhibition left to see, would have spent a lot longer.

There were other highlights obviously, it was a well curated exhibition, but worth mentioning (and the reference in my header of this post) was the piece in the Sculpture Garden - Zhan Wang's Urban Landscape. Basically this artist has recreated the London skyline with stainless steel tableware - so cool! Although my mate and I wanted a 'key' so we could work out what was what... we got as far as Big Ben and the London Eye!


scribe said...

Damn, I wish my girlfriend wasn't such a tight-assed traditionalist when it comes to art so I too could see avante garde crap. :(

ziggystardust73 said...

go by yourself!

avante garde crap rocks.

scribe said...

LOL yes it does!