20 September, 2005

Irritating gays.

Today's irritating exchange:

Me: Hi, how are you?
Mincy Queen: Fine, thanks.
Me: Do you work around here?
Mincy Queen: I'm just doing a freelance job in Conde Naste for Harrods.
Me: Oh, sounds great. Did you have a nice weekend?
Mincy Queen: Well I just got back from New York, so I decided to take it easy over the weekend, nesting, that sort of thing.
Me: Oh. (Mincy queen looks down at me with a sort of 'what the hell are you wearing?/you can't really be gay' look)

Why is it that I feel so inadequate when I meet gay men who stare at me with such disdain? I mean, anyone who has to throw in Conde Naste, Harrods and New York in the same dialogue has to be a complete *wanker* but still, I somehow manage to feel small in their presence. Ggggrrrrr.


Nick Stephenson said...

I am hearing you loud and clear, Zigs.

I am the biggest homophobic homosexualist there is, so I completely empathise.

Grrr ... I can even visualise the simpering little bitch.

Rise above it.

ziggystardust73 said...

oh wow! I thought I was the biggest homophobic homosexualist?! Fantastic!

and that is the perfect word to describe him... simpering.

Nick Stephenson said...

We should join forces to conquer this new generation of simpering gayers - they've had it far too easy.

Oh, get me being all political!

ziggystardust73 said...

just the type of politics I am up for! what were you thinking!?

Dan Project 76 said...

No I think you'll find I am the only homophobichomosexual in this blog comments fing!

I served some snotty vain EuroGays who had just been to Selfridges the other day who were stunned that we didn't have all 'The Madonna books' (the kids storybooks with the lovely illustrations that Madonna didn't do and were allegedly written mostly by some Kaballah gits with red string) and pouted and me then flounced off back to Selfridges.

For a gay man I can be terribly homophobic. But never wrong.

ziggystardust73 said...

shall we start a club?

Nick Stephenson said...

We've already started the club! We're all founding 'fathers'.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that I have a very clear picture of the mincing queen?...in fact I probably knew him at some point in my other life! argh.
Pushka x