24 May, 2009

Gay for Pay?

I'm interested in the whole sexual continuum theory at the moment.

As a man who defines him self in a whole host of ways; being gay has always for me been just one element of who I am.

Last night, I had some friends over for dinner, including Ms Extrovert and a woman she has just started 'seeing'. The woman (let's call her Ms Dom) is 34 and has always been with men, but she met Ms Extrovert and is very attracted to her.

Ms Dom says at the moment that she feels that she is only attracted to men OR Ms Extrovert; but I wonder how malleable the continuum is. Once she's had this experience, if it doesn't work out, will she be more open to further experience with women?

In my mind, it doesn't matter anyway. All these things: gay, straight, bi - are just labels. I guess what does matter is how that label defines one's own internal voice, and subsequently how that allows one to interact with others.

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scribe said...

Look, as long as you can stick in something and get the job done, does it really matter if someone called the police?