17 July, 2009

We'll go driving....

(formerly) F/BF (Flatmate/Best Friend) and I are heading off on our Road Trip tomorrow. I've packed warm clothes, bad snacks, good books and created iPod playlists that hopefully reflect our driving moods.

We're heading down the Great Ocean Road for a few nights in a beachfront apartment (with an open fire cos it's winter), then off to the Coonawarra for some wine tasting before heading to the Grampians where we'll be staying in a mountain view 'treehouse'. Yay!


Blanche said...

Ziggy! I can't imagine winter down there, it can't be close to the winters we endure here in the states (cept if you live in the south or west), Have a great time, its good to see you blogging again.
Have fun and enjoy the wine. You Aussies make a damn good Pinot.

ziggystardust73 said...

hey Blanche!

long time no blogspeak!

hope you're really well, our trip was great and the wine was superb... !

great to hear from you.