21 August, 2008

The Gay Retiree

I don't know how long my gay friends (and some of our straight ones) have been joking about how when we are at retirement age we will all move in to a gay (straight friendly of course) retirement village somewhere and reminisce over the good old (gay) days.

Now it appears that the very city I'm living in is offering just that! How I love my new city. Don't worry peeps; we're already on the waiting list.


Pushka said...

Damn, they beat me to it! And here I was planning my next investment..a gay retirement village in Margaret River region. The 'community hall' would have been my favourite place, imagine the competition for the weekly shows!

Tell us more, can we start investing in such a place?

Love you and our grey hair.

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased that (non-practicing) breeders can retire there gracefully too. Bring on the cardigans, I say (cashmere, of course).

Drywall Mom said...

That's a cool matt. Mine says the exact opposite "leave" I got it at bed bath and beyond. It keeps alot of door to door salesman, mormon missionaries and Johova's wittnesses from knocking on my door. But I like yours too.

ziggystardust73 said...

Pushka, I'll start to do some research re. the investment opportunities!

M - cashmere? I think you'll have to try harder than that to fit in... perhaps hotpants?

Drywall Mom - your mat sounds way cooler than the one I put a picture up of! What a sensible way of telling people to sod off!

J said...

i know that you rwote this entry months ago but i'm glad to see that you kinda came back for a hot second. i miss you, ziggy!

Constant said...

Oh yes! You're back! :D

Dale said...

Ziggy! I see you've been here and gone and here and gone again. Are you at the retirement village again? I've missed you!

ziggystardust73 said...

J - one of my New Year resolutions is to keep this blog a little more regularly again... we'll see how I go ;-)

Constant - hello! I hope everything is good in your world!

Dale - this bloody retirement village keeps me locked up. I'm glad to hear that you missed me, though!

Bluez said...

Ziggy come back goddammit!

ziggystardust73 said...

Hey Bluez! :-)

scribe said...

Can you imagine if Rock Hudson had been able to go to one of these? MY god the money he would have saved on secret Brazillian compounds & toy boys!!!

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