06 May, 2005



A few of my friends and I went to see Kylie perform live (although we weren't convinced she wasn't a robot, the show was so slick) at the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre.

As I was amongst the minority who had not seen her perform live previously, I didn't know really what to expect. Had I known, I would have worn my hotpants. (no I don't really own hotpants. OK, maybe one pair).

Feathers, rhinestones, lasers, buff dancing boys, hotpants and camp tunes. About 80% of the 15,000 strong crowd made up by gay men. It was basically gay disneyland.

Of course, Kylie rose to the challenge. Between shower scenes, a male locker room and a Judy Garland tribute, she really packed in everything the variety of gays wanted.

Hilarious? YES. Slick? YES. Will I go see her live ever again? NO.

But thanks Kylie, we all had a gay old time.

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