11 July, 2006

Holes of Glory

I went to the opening of an 'Art' exhibition called Gloryhole at the Architecture Foundation on Friday. It was organised by a mate of OBF's (Other Best Friend) and for me, at least, the most exciting part of the whole evening (apart from the free booze) was a performance by performance artist No Bra, who, (athough this may be stating the obvious), wore no bra. She also sported a moustache in a Hitler stylee, which is probably less obvious.

My favourite song she performed was called Munchausen, and with lines like "My uncle designed the anal staircase" and "I caught syphilis once in Top Shop", you can't really go wrong.

Saturday I cried during the final episode of Doctor Who - I'm so sad at Rose's departure (OK, I didn't much like Billie Piper at first but grew to love her).... and Sunday I went to a Japanimation festival with PoOBF (Partner of Other Best Friend) to see the beautifully spectacular The Place Promised in our Early Days by Makoto Shinkai who has been dubbed the new Hayao Miyazaki.

PoOBF had a bad case of narcolepsy throughout the entire film, but it didn't affect my enjoyment one little bit.

Truly stunning.

What wasn't stunning was walking out of the cinema and bumping in to SGB (Sexy Greek Boy) who I went on a date with a while back and for various reasons hadn't taken it any further.

Thankfully he looked like complete shit which made me feel better. Pathetic but true.


Dan Project 76 said...

It's always rewarding when shit blokes turn up looking like the shit they are!

Miz BoheMia said...

*sigh* You are so much fun! I am boring and get stuck at home waxing poetic about life and death and the galaxy with my 5-year-old (I kid you not!) and about foreskin with the 3-year-old. I wanna go and see a chick without a bra (HELLO? Ever heard of a mirror BoheMia?) and Hitler moustache and perhaps be narcoleptic cause that means SLEEP! WOOH!

Oooh! The ex looked like shit? FUNKIFIED!

missy said...

Oooh, I'd love to see that anime!

Butchieboy said...


J said...

isn't it irritating as hell when you run into people that you don't want to see (even more irritating when you live in a big-ass city) and yet you never run into the people that you want to see?

nortynessa said...

no bra...interesting xx

zuzula said...

hurrah for exes looking like shit. it should be the law.

i shed a few tears over Dr Who on Saturday too! poor Rose :(

ziggystardust73 said...

Too right, Dan!

Miz Boho - it probably sounded a lot more exciting than it really was! :-)

Missy, it was superb - strongly recommended.

Butchie. Yep. That they are.

J - sooooo irritating. And it always seems to happen to me.

Norty - what a load of wank, huh??

Zuze - poor Rose!!! So sad. :-(

DaBich said...

No Bra...are you sure it's not a tranny???? lol

I'm happy you were vindicated when the ex looked like shite! YAY!

Ryan said...

When Marilyn Manson and Alanis Morissette fuck, this is what happens. See!


Boobs. Ooooooh. :0

constant rain said...

free booze?? Where?? *looking around* NOW those are the events that I never happen to attend. *sigh*

No matter what, if YOU are there, it's exciting!! ;)

ziggystardust73 said...

Dabich - there was some conversation about No Bra's birth gender... ! We decided she was female but might have been wrong!

Ryan - boobs.

Constant - come join us, any time! Free booze for all! :-)

DaBich said...

I'm in for booze ;)

Saviour Onassis said...

I'm down for booze and boobs.

organiclifeform said...

next time someone is wearing no bra...can you text me? ;o)

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